Volume Controls II

Part II

Now that you have wired your volume pot up, you’ll want to mount it in your cabinet.

There are many different ways to mount a pot. But most of them will involve a bracket and mount of some kind. You will need this for two reasons:

1) To hold the volume pot securely as it will be moved around a lot

2) To act as a spacer, so that the shaft does not protrude too far from the cabinet.

This doesn’t have to be very prescriptive. There are many ways of mounting a volume pot, limited only by your imagination. Most methods I use involve a metal bracket of some kind, usually made from some scrap lying around.

Example One

The following example uses a scrap piece of metal bent into a ‘U’ shape, and mounted onto a piece of wood. The combined unit is then secured into a DVD drive cage (along with some other goodies) and supported solidly behind a faceplate.

Pot stuff Pot mounted
Drive cage in door Face panel with DVD player

Example Two

In the next example, I have again used a scrap piece of metal. This time the metal is an old expansion slot cover, which most mame-cabinet builders will have lying around somewhere. Have a close look at the ‘lip’ on the metal bracket – this is important as it helps to add stability to everything. Once again, the metal bracket is mounted onto a piece of scrap wood, which is then mounted (along with headphone jacks, USB ports, LEDs and an admin button) behind a face plate.

Cassiopea Pot parts Cassiopea Pot Assembled panel, rear view

Now, Lets see how that looks from the front!

Admin panel close-up Faceplate mounted!

Example Three

In this final example, I have mounted a volume pot, along with audio jacks, into the side wing of a four player cabinet. Again, this involves using a metal bracket mounted onto a piece of wood. See that small lip of metal there for stability?

Pot bracketPot lip Pot & bracket mounted on wood

This is how it will be mounted:

Pot closeups

Once all that is completed, this is how is gets installed. Sorry, but no face shots this time! I was in such a hurry to get it off to my customer that I didn’t have any time to grab a final shot.

Pot mounted

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